Clare Shaw

Other projects

I’m involved in a range of innovative projects with artists and practitioners in other disciplines, including psychology, visual arts and music. You can find examples of these below:

Seeing Poetry: Poetry in Words and Comics
An Arts Council-funded collaboration with illustrator Louise Crosby. Louise has developed visual interpretations of my poetry to offer not just another way of reading these poems, but a whole new landscape in themselves, with new dimensions of meaning and texture. Just as the poet works with space, geometry, breath, and beat to sculpt the entity of the poem, so Louise uses ‘comic’ forms to parallel the poetic structure through the use of choice of image, framing, layout and flow.

Drop-In Dreams: personal truths through creativity
A community arts-based ‘mental wealth’ collaboration with consultant psychologist Dr Sam Warner. Drawing on our combined skills, we create an open, informal space in which participants are invited to draw their dreams, write their dreams and interpret their dreams. These interpretations become ‘take home truths’ which are shared with spectators, transforming a private process into a group performance which provokes dialogue and connection.

Musical collaborations
My poems have inspired choral pieces by a number of composers.

I’m currently in collaboration with Royal Academy postgraduate composer Louise Drewett. Working closely together with text and music, we have developed original pieces which have been performed by professional musicians in a variety of settings and we are working with the Children's Society to develop a choral piece for performance in schools, churches and cathedrals across the UK.